1992 Sambamurti Lecturer - John Haggerty

For his contributions to AGS Rare K Decay Experiment 787

1993 Sambamurti Lecturer - Jack Ritchie

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the study of rare and forbidden $K_L$ decays at the BNL AGS

1994 Sambamurti Lecturer - Tom Roser

For development of the concept of the ``Partial Siberian Snake'' to correct the depolarizing imperfection resonances in a circular accelerator and for leadership in the successful implementation of a partial snake at the AGS in E880.

1995 Sambamurti Lecturer - Brian Winer

For his contributions to the discovery of the top quark

The Top Quark and Beyond

1996 Sambamurti Lecturer - Ziping Chen

For his contributions to the AGS heavy ion physics program

Creating High Density Matter at AGS Energies

1997 Sambamurti Lecturer - Greg Landsberg

For his study of the ZZgamma couplings

1998 Sambamurti Lecturer - Akira Konaka

For his work on K -> pi,nu,nubar

1999 Sambamurti Lecturer - Emlyn Hughes

For his work on elucidating the spin structure of the nucleon

The Spin of the Proton

2000 Sambamurti Lecturer - Ralf Prigl

For his contributions to the measurement of the muon anomolous magnetic moment

2001 Sambamurti Lecturer - Jeffery Mitchell

For his contributions to the PHENIX experiment at RHIC

RHIC and the Pursuit of the Quark-Gluon Plasma (pdf)

Transparencies (Powerpoint), also Word Doc

2002 Sambamurti Lecturer - James Olsen

For his work on probing CP violation with the BABAR detector.

Transparencies: PDF, Powerpoint

2003 Sambamurti Lecturer - Joshua Klein

For his contributions to the sucess of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory experiment.

"Like Dustmaids Down a Drafty Hall": Neutrinos at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (ps)

Transparencies: PDF, Powerpoint

2004 Sambamurti Lecturer - Michael Lisa

For his contributions to the understanding of two particle correlations in relativistic heavy ion collisions at RHIC

Size Matters: The space-time geometry of subatomic collisions (pdf), (ps)

Transparencies: PPT, PDF

2005 Sambamurti Lecturer - Saskia Mioduszewki

For her contributions to the measurement of high pT pizeroes, in the PHENIX experiment at RHIC, which resulted in one of the major discoveries, suppression of pizeroes with large transverse momentum in Au+Au collisions.

2006 Sambamurti Lecturer - Ivan Furic

For his contributions to the CDF measurement of B_s mixing

Transparencies: PPT, PDF

2007 Sambamurti Lecturer - Dugan O'Neil

For his contributions to the D0 analysis of single top production

Seeking single top quarks at D0

Transparencies: PDF

2008 Sambamurti Lecturer - Christine Aidala

For her contributions to the RHIC Spin Program, notably her leadership in in the measurement of the transverse spin structure of the proton using inclusive pion production from polarized p+p collisions

The Whole Story Behind a Half: the Quest to Understand the Proton's Spin

Transparencies: PPT

2009 Sambamurti Lecturer - Michael Begel

For his studies of t-tbar pair production in the all-jets channel at D0

Spotlight on the Gluon

Transparencies: PDF

2010 Sambamurti Lecturer - Geralyn Zeller

For her contributions to our knowledge of neutrino interactions with matter

Neutrino Physics at MiniBooNE

Transparencies: PDF

2011 Sambamurti Lecturer - Paul Sorensen

For his demonstration that the origin of collective flow RHIC is quark dynamics

Highlights from Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC and the Acoustics of the Little Bangs

Transparencies: PPT

2012 Sambamurti Lecturer - Dan Dwyer

For his contributions to the Daya Bay Reactor Antineutrino Experiment

Transparencies: PDF

2013 Sambamurti Lecturer - Eliot Lipeles

For his contributions to the discovery of the Higgs

Transparencies: PDF, keynote

2014 Sambamurti Lecturer - Anne Sickles

For her many contributions to the study of two-particle correlations as a probe of the physics of heavy ion collisions.

The Smallest Drops of the Hottest Matter: Exploring the Small Size Limit of the Quark Gluon Plasma

Transparencies: PDF

2015 Sambamurti Lecturer - Xin Qian

For his contributions to the study of neutrino oscillations

Transparencies: PPTX, PDF

2016 Sambamurti Lecturer - Lijuan Ruan

For her contributions to heavy ion physics using the STAR detector at RHIC to measure low mass dileptons.

Transparencies: PPTX, PDF

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